Palace Art Hotel Pezinok

PALACE ART HOTEL PEZINOK with grand artistic atmosphere of the Pálffy generation brings this eight hundred years old chateau to life - energy of circulation of human days, garden of four seasons and space of centuries. Cultivated privacy is available for clients in comfortable rooms and apartments.

Select Palace Art Hotel Pezinok for agreeable, undisturbed break or exclusive business meetings, congresses, or as unforgettable wedding chateau. Unique art of the chef, finalised by extraordinary wine from the Chateau Winery, will provide a delicious dimension to that, what in prose is called meals and beverages. Extraordinary pleasant moments of meetings and social events because of unexpected beautiful artefacts located in the Pálffy’s apartments or shimmering chandelier in the Golden Hall. Elegant gallery of artistic glass of European importance offers unforgettable space for your presentations and meetings. Spacious space even includes one separate WELLNESS world, guarded by a mosaic with peacock. World of water, sport and relax, bubbles and herbal aroma. Enjoy the art of living...

History of the Chateau Pezinok

During 13th century, the original water chateau served as seat of magnates from Svätý Jur and Pezinok. Eight hundred years later the renewed chateau opened own gates. Štefan of the Šimák generation established there winery, hotel and exhibition of wine, glass as well as of the Pálffy family.

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Experience in the surrounding area

The experience number one of this region is represented by wine and wine stories. Curled vine roots were growing in this region for a long time and extraordinary is the history of wine cellars and wine small towns. Enjoy walking, active breaks on ski or in horse saddles. Find your way to monuments and curiosities of the Small Carpathian region.

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