History of the Chateau Pezinok

During 13th century, the original water chateau served as seat of magnates from Svätý Jur and Pezinok. Eight hundred years later the renewed chateau opened own gates. Štefan of the Šimák generation established there winery, hotel and exhibition of wine, glass as well as of the Pálffy family.

The end of the Austro – Hungarian Empire, creation of Czechoslovakia and the two world wars represented hard times for chateau Pezinok. In 1930, the Pálffy family sold the chateau in devastated condition to the town of Pezinok.. Starting from 1936, the chateau operated as seat of the Slovak Wine Grower Association, which in 1951 was swallowed by the state Winemaker Factory. A part of the factory represented a distillery, which starting from 1968, produced the world-known Carpathian Brandy Special with a knight on label.

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