Separate world of luxury, deeply hidden in the castle premises, will fascinate our guests by its atmosphere of serenity and relax. The herbal aroma in diffused drops of water will bring to you harmony of mind and body. At least for a short moment you will forget tiredness, stress, or the surrounding world. Enjoy the art of living...

Vast area intended for body relax and calming of the mind is guarded by a mosaic with peacock. As the grandness of peacock feathers would come from the castle park to this world of water, relax and bubbles. Enjoy the unexpected water flows, heat flowing throughout your body, agreeable touch during massage and mainly undisturbed rest.


Water - hot or warm, always remains vital. It will bring to you relax, entertainment, tranquilization of pain and remove your stress. Submerge and relax.


In the soft light of hot stones, warm vapour and infrared rays you will strengthen your immunity, gain new forces and acquire the lost inner energy.


Silence interrupted only by bubbling of water and hot beach chairs. The rest zone you will use above all for rest and calming view from the terrace.


Use the hands of professionals in order to reduce your pain as well as stress and enjoy desired relax. Your physical rest will later calm down your senses.